Undertow expansion on LIVE at 400 MS points [Update]

Update: It looks like the original price-point of 200 MS points this morning was in fact an error as the price of the Undertow expansion has been raised to 400 MS points.

Earlier in the week we reported that the expansion to Undertow, Microsoft's apology gift to gamers for the LIVE service downtime, would be hitting the Marketplace at 400 MS space bucks today.

Well, one for two ain't bad. The Undertow expansion, Path of the Elect, has hit the Xbox Live Marketplace but at the low price of 200 MS points (aka $2.50). According to the listing on the expansion pack price was slated at 400 MS points, so it is unclear if the content was priced down prior to release or if the Xbox Live Marketplace listing is an error.

Regardless, 200 MS points for the expansion is a steal and fans of Undertow should take notice immediately -- especially if this was a mistake!