Hands-on with the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition

Having trouble telling the difference between this and a garden-variety N810? Yeah, don't worry about it -- that's okay, and it's actually by design. We had an opportunity to tool around with Nokia's just-announced N810 WiMAX Edition today, and it stays very true to the original N810's formula, substituting a darker case and keyboard (both of which look very handsome, by the way), and physically, that's about it. The real magic happens deep within this thing's innards, where the addition of a WiMAX radio keeps things speedy when WiFi hotspots are out of reach and Bluetooth tethering to a 3G phone is too much of a hassle. The software necessary to support XOHM activation isn't complete yet, but Nokia's reps tell us that the process of signing up for WiMAX service will be seamless and entirely doable from the N810 itself -- no pesky phone calls or visits to a store necessary. They likened it to purchasing hotel internet service; there'll probably be hourly, daily, or continuous subscriptions available, making it possible to only shell out XOHM coin when the situation demands it. It works just like any other data connection on the device, too, so getting your wide-area broadband on is pretty much as painless as it could possibly be. Check out some shots (including a side-by-side with the original N810) in the gallery!