FCC turns down Skype's open access petition

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Paul Miller
April 2, 2008 11:18 AM
FCC turns down Skype's open access petition

Carriers have been making some strong strides in the direction of open access, and the recent 700MHz auction was a particular win for consumers, but the FCC isn't quite ready to go whole hog here. The commission has turned down Skype's request that the FCC expand 1968's Carterphone landline ruling to apply to the mobile industry, which would mean that operators would be required to let any device run on their network as long as it doesn't do damage. If you'll hear Verizon or AT&T tell it, that's what they're doing already, but Skype obviously wants some protection for its bandwidth-hogging, carrier revenue-threatening P2P VoIP app, and the FCC isn't quite ready to fork it over.
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