MIT's Nexi bot wants to be your friend

MIT is really taking its robotics program to a whole new level with its "MDS" platform, which stands for Mobile, Dexterous and Social. The flagship bot so far is Nexi, who certainly fits the bill, albeit with an extra dab of creepy. The bot stands on a Segway-esque wheel base, has articulated arms and hands, and can convey a wide range of emotion with that pasty white face. Nexi has a computer on board to manage sensors and instinctual responses, while it offloads the heavy duty AI work to a stationary computer over the network. MIT's eventual goal is to have Nexi and others participate in Socially Situated Robot Learning -- observing and interacting with humans to figure out how best to integrate with them. Don't worry Nexi, we like you for you. Video is after the break.

[Via fresh creation]