GTA IV the biggest HD launch of the year?

With the ability to break Halo 3's record of $300 million in sales its first week, Grand Theft Auto IV could set a record for the biggest debut ever for an entertainment product when it launches April 29, according to Variety. The fact that this time around Liberty City will be rendered in (as far as we know) 720p, makes it perfect for HDTV owners to sit down and have some quality time with. Whether your console gets its high definition movies downloaded or on disc, like some of us, many of you will be trading in the flicks for a ride with Niko Bellic -- but does that make it more anticipated than many of this year's upcoming blockbusters? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to drop an Xbox Live or PlayStation Network tag so we know who'll be putting in Mafiya Work later this month.