MogBonanza hits Final Fantasy XI, kupo!

Our inside source with the Vana'diel moogle guild has revealed that the moogles are up to some fun for the adventurers! Moogle technology has recently improved to the point where they can now draw numbers carved on marbles out of a huge bin and reward prizes to those who hold the winning numbers. What does this mean for you? Massive cash!

To celebrate Final Fantasy XI's sixth anniversary, the moogles are giving out many great items with a top cash prize of 100,000,000 gil for the player who matches all 5 numbers. It should be noted that even 2 numbers matching gives you a chance to win 100,000 gil!

With Square-Enix's crack down on real-money trading and gilsellers in an attempt to stabilize the economy of FFXI, it seems really odd for them to be infusing a huge prize of 100,000,000 gil into the economy through a contest. But, hey, we're not going to be complaining. Would you want to turn down 100,000,000 gil? We think not.

[Thanks, FusionX!]