Reader WoWspace of the Week: Finnicks

For as many different World of Warcraft players as there are out there, there are equally as many different WoWspaces for people to game in. Each week, we'll bring you a WoWspace sent in by one of our readers and let them tell you all about it. Would you like to share your own personal space? Just drop some pictures and your description to us here at readerwowspace AT!

My name is Finnicks and I am a Warlock RPer from the Cenarion Circle server... and this is my WoWspace!

For the longest time I had a desk built into a nook in the wall under the window; it was built-in to the house. The walls of the nook and the angles it created wreaked havoc on my wi-fi reception. Add to that how the light from the window kept my monitor looking dim, and the lack of ability to move my computer where I wanted it in the room -- it drove me crazy. At last, about four months ago -- after like 15 years -- my parents caved and let me demolish the nook, and I picked up this corner-desk which now resides in the corner opposite the old window nook. The little mini-shelves for speakers are (I think) the coolest thing in the world. And, since the little light on the side of the speakers that changes color to indicate volume is just out of my sight, I have my handy-dandy little Donald Duck paperweight to reflect the light so I can adjust the volume with confidence. (Total nerd here, like really.)

Curious as to the rest of this WoWspace? Join us past the break for more from Finnicks!

Decorating my shelves are a Saruman-staff pen my sister got me when she went to New York. Out of sight on the other side of the room is a full-sized prop replica of said staff mounted to the wall. There is also a molecule of Morphine constructed using an organic molecule modeling kit; a sculpture of Lord Voldemort that an old artist friend made me for my birthday a few years ago (I have a villain fetish, can't you tell?); a robot built out of Constructs that I made when I was about 10 years old (the set was supposed to build a space shuttle, but seriously who builds the actual thing it's made for?); and then my high school mug and a few trophies I got from drama competitions in high school. (Hence the RPing.) OH! And an empty Dr. Pepper can! No... I didn't drink it. It was empty when it was in the case! The can is still sealed on top.

And then there's the beast down on that bottom shelf. That powerhouse down there has served me well since I built it with my own two hands just over 2 years ago. It has an nVidia 7800 GT, 2.4 ghz AMD 64bit processor, 3 gigs of ram, almost 500 GB of raw hard drive space (almost full, d'oh!) and Windows Vista. Originally it was Win2k, but WoW hated it and kept locking up at regular intervals. Since I hate XP with a passion, the only real option was Vista. You can't tell in the brighter pictures, but the fans that came with the case glow green and light it all up inside. So shexy.

(This way I can have a nighlight and pass it off as cool! muwha!)

Oh, and let's not forget the highly useful (and very much recommended from me!) Logitech G11 keyboard and G5 mouse. I'll never be able to use a mouse without thumb buttons again. For anyone curious, I have my spelldamage trinkets bound to one with a castsequence macro, and a spot on my action-bar for usable quest items bound to the other. Makes doing the bombing runs really easy!

Oh, and the 22-inch widescreen LCD [in the first picture] is handy, too.

That's all we have for this week's Reader WoWspace! If you're feeling brave and would like to show off your own personal space, drop us some WoWspace pictures and your description of the space to readerwowspace AT (And if you sent one in before but it wasn't featured, please re-send it so we have it!)