iPhone 2.0 firmware goes golden master

Gizmodo and GearLive are reporting that the iPhone 2.0 firmware will go golden master (locked for shipping) this week. Golden master does not necessarily mean that Apple will ship the firmware this week (after all, Steve said that it would ship in "early July") but it does mean that the firmware and all the features are complete and ready to head out the door.

Both sites seem to agree with the build number on the new firmware: 345. Gizmodo is reporting that 2.0 will boast code signing and a new encryption feature. The iPhone firmware 2.0 is definitely something on every iPhone owner's wishlist, and here's mine (you have one of these, right?):

  1. Super Monkey Ball (AppStore)

  2. New Mail features

  3. iWork support in Mail

  4. Exchange support

  5. MobileMe support

  6. Super Monkey Ball (did I mention this one already?)

  7. Scientific Calculator (would it be too hard to add a graphing calculator? c'mon, Apple!)

While we wait around the virtual campfire for the next version of the iPhone software, what are you most looking forward to in the new firmware? I think everyone can guess what my favorite feature will be; although I am still waiting for Final Cut Studio 2 for iPhone (we've been hearing rumors that it will be in the 10th generation device).