MacGourmet Deluxe is ready to go

MacGourmet is a very nice recipe organizer for the Mac that we've written about severaltimes. It's definitely a far cry from the home grown database I was running on my SE.

For the uninitiated, MacGourmet lets you organize your recipes and menus as you would expect. It also lets you publish of recipes online, assign ratings, pair certain dishes with favorite wines and more. Mariner calls it "iTunes for your recipes," and for good reason.

This week, Mariner released MacGourmet Deluxe 1.0. Changes include

  • The Cookbook Builder, which allows users to build, print and share their own cookbook.

  • A mealplan feature with iCal integration

  • A new shopping list editor

  • Several new award-winning recipes

MacGourmet Deluxe can be downloaded now for $44.95US, and requires Mac OS 10.4 or higher. Registered MacGourmet customers may upgrade to MacGourmet Deluxe for a reduced price.