Major features cut from Warhammer Online

The world of Warhammer just got a bit smaller. In an interview with with, Mythic Entertainment VP and General Manager Mark Jacobs (not to be confused with fashion designer Marc Jacobs) has revealed some big cuts for the Warhammer Online's launch. Namely, the capital cities for the Dark Elf, High Elf, Orc, and Dwarf factions are gone. That leaves two capital cities, Altdorf and the Chaos Inevitable City.

Additionally, four classes have been cut: Choppa (Greenskin), Hammerer (Dwarf), Blackguard (Dark Elf) and Knight of the Blazing Sun (Empire). Jacobs explained the cuts were made for quality reasons and expressed dismay over having to nix the classes. Also, to seemingly curtail any conspiracy theories, he said, "This has nothing to do with EA ... they had zero input in this ... They don't even know about it. It's not a discussion we would have with them."

The MMO-obsessed at Massively have provided explanations for the ramifications of these cuts. No indication on if any of these features will return in an update or expansion pack.

[Via Massively]