Not-So-Iron Fanboy: Cooking Guide Cook-Off

As soon as the Cooking Guide was released in English, we here at DS Fanboy understood one thing: it was necessary that we put the software to the test in a bloody, violent, no-holds-barred, steel cage cook-off the likes of which would put Iron Chef (both versions) to shame. Sadly, budget constraints (and, uh, laws) prevented the sort of Thunderdome-esque event we hand in mind, though, so instead, we're just having a normal cook-off.

One hobbyist cook. One bachelor. One shot at three recipes, supported by the Cooking Guide. Will they be able to produce the same meal, with the same results? Will the Guide serve as a workable cookbook for the knowledgeable, and an aid for those who aren't? We put it to the test.


The chefs

Alisha Karabinus
Chris Greenhough

The recipes
Chicken Teriyaki (Japan)
Haricots vert sautés au beurre (France)
Bônet (Italy)

The (non)game
Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?

Read on to find out how the DS Fanboy "chefs" fared with the Cooking Guide. We'll follow up later with impressions of the title as a whole.