Loewe taps NXP for LCD TV video processing

Steven Kim
S. Kim|07.27.08

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Loewe taps NXP for LCD TV video processing
Loewe Individual Compose Full HD+ 100
European outfit Loewe is known for its industrial design chops, but the company is hoping that the Euro-sleek beauty of its 37-inch Spheros and 40-inch Individual LCD TVs will be more than just skin deep. To this end, it has chosen to incorporate NXP's top-of-the-line PNX5100 video processor into select models. The processor promises all manner of video optimization, but emphasizes tech to maximize motion resolution in both native HD and upconverted signals, a problematic performance area for many LCD TVs. Sounds good, but we really wish Loewe would carry some of that sleek, minimalist design to its product naming -- the models that are set to get the NXP brains are the Spheros R37 Full HD+ 100, the Individual 40 Selection Full HD+ 100 and the Individual 40 Compose Full HD+ 100 (pictured).
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