Will Apple announce anything for HD snobs today?

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|09.09.09

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Will Apple announce anything for HD snobs today?
Apple Rock n' Roll event

Sure, it is The Rock n' Roll event, but an HD snob can only hope there will be something for everyone in today's event. It isn't like there haven't been any rumors either. First up was the Blu-ray support in iTunes 9, then there was the updated Apple TV and the most recent is from a Harmon Kardon press release where we learned that the latest Bridge III iPod / iPhone dock and AVR 2600 and 3600 receivers can "play back HD video from iPod or iPhone products." You'd think at least one of these would have to be true -- especially with the Zune HD hitting the streets in less than a week. Personally we have our hopes up for Manage Copy support in iTunes, but we admit that we are just dreaming.
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