ATI's six-screen Eyefinity madness reviewed, fatal flaw found

Along with its introduction of the HD 5830, ATI announced the HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 card yesterday, which predictably comes with six DisplayPort outputs and enables that hallowed six-screen gaming overload that the Eyefinity branding has been about since the beginning. Some lucky scribes over at PC Pro have been treated to a live demonstration of what gaming at 5,760 x 2,160 feels like, and their understated response was to describe it as "far more immersive." No kidding. They did raise the spectral figure of those monitor bezels, however, pointing out that bezel correction -- where the image "behind the bezel" is rendered but hidden making the overall display look like a window unto the game world -- habitually obscured text and game HUD elements. In their view, the sweet spot remains a triple-screen setup, and we're inclined to agree (particularly if they look like this). For those interested in getting their multi-monitor gaming up and running, we've linked an invaluable guide from HardOCP below, which breaks down how much you can expect from ATI's current HD 5000 series of cards, and also provides a video guide to setting your rig up.