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HTC: 'most phones' launched in 2010 will get Android 2.2

HTC: 'most phones' launched in 2010 will get Android 2.2
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|May 21, 2010 4:10 AM
Now that Froyo has gone official, HTC has hurried to reassure customers that most of its 2010 phone catalog will indeed be riding Android 2.2 before the year is through. Prodded on the subject by Pocket-lint, the company has replied that it's starting out with the Desire and Incredible and working through other "hotly anticipated new phones," which should sound a reassuring note for prospective Evo 4G owners. A full list will be provided as we get closer to release, but don't wait with bated breath just yet, current indications are that the software upgrade will be coming in the second half of the year. By which time we'll all probably have a taste for Gingerbread.
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