Computex 2010 wrap-up: tablets, a Windows 7 eatery, and a few more tablets

Taipei's been far too kind to us Westerners, and with Computex drawing to a close here on this side of the world, we can't help but pull ourselves together for a moment and look back at the trade show that was. It's been a fairly wild week in news, in large part thanks to the smorgasbord of tablets that have surfaced for the first time during the 30th running of this great event. Both Intel and Microsoft dropped bombshells on the tech world this week, with ASUS, iiView and even the xpPhone making bigger-than-life impressions. If you missed any of the blow-by-blow action over the past week, we'll work on forgiving you, and while you can relive the memories by visiting the links below, you simply can't move on with your life without living vicariously through us during our trip to the one and only Windows 7-themed '100 Seafood' restaurant. So long, Taiwan -- we'll be back before you know it.

Major news / product releases:

Hands-on / previews:

Everything else:

After all of that, we're still just skimming the surface. For the full monty, be sure to check out our Engadget Computex 2010 landing page right here.

A huge, huge thanks goes out to Andy Yang for his invaluable translation skills and all-around amazingness during the show. Another major thank you to the entire Engadget Chinese team for their hospitality and kindness. One final thank you to the nation of Taiwan and city of Taipei -- without you, the world would be far less awesome.