HTC 7 Surround slides into Best Buy for $550 unsubsidized, Omnia 7 appears at T-Mobile UK

Micro surround speaker bar in a Windows Phone sound like your cup of tea? Best Buy's taking your HTC Surround pre-orders right now for handsets that'll ship on November 8th, and cost a penny under $550 on the off-chance you're looking to buy off-contract. Hey, you can even call it the T8788 if you want -- we won't tell a soul. Get a good look at the phone right here, in our launch hands-on.

Should you live in the United Kingdom, you can order a Samsung Omnia 7 instead -- T-Mobile UK's got the Super AMOLED phone ready to rumble for the price of free on £35-and-up tariffs. See that handset in action here.

[Thanks, Sanders L.]