AMP camera records 1080p HDR video, you probably can't have one

We've already seen cameras that let you pretend you live in a radioactive apocalypse shoot HDR video, combining overexposed and underexposed images into one surreal composite. But so far, that kind of dystopian trippiness has been relegated to experiments and rigs using two lenses. But here we have AMP, a portable-enough five-pound camera that splits the light into three sensors, giving it a range of 17.5 stops to "reveal reality" in our drab, incomplete lives. The single-lens camera shoots 1080p video at 24fps or 30fps, records raw, uncompressed data to an SSD, and works with Nikon F-Mount-compatible lenses. To give you some perspective on the amount of sheer storage required, AMP promises a 256GB SSD can hold 30-plus minutes of footage, with 24fps video consuming less space than the 30 fps variety. It'll be available later this summer for some unknown sum, but not as a mass-produced product. Rather, it'll end up in the hands of a select few prosumers who add themselves to a waiting list. Assuming you won't be one of the chosen, you can get your fill of reality in a pair of demo videos after the break.