Tokyo Game Show 2012 wrap-up: Sony's new PS3, 'Prototype-SR' and assorted gaming peripherals

After a few humid and sweaty days in Tokyo, TGS 2012 is drawing to a close. While the public days continue through the weekend, us media types are headed back to our respective homelands until next September. The lasting impression from the week -- aside from eating massive amounts of gyoza -- will undoubtedly be the news Sony dropped the day before the show started at its own press event. A new, even slimmer PS3 is on the way and two new colors for the PS Vita were outed -- at least for Japan. On the show floor, though, we encountered some peripherals well-suited for other gaming tech like Nintendo's 3DS XL, Xbox 360 and PC rigs. You can peek at those for yourself in the Sony Tokyo Game Show gallery that follows and relive all the action in the wrap-up that lies just beyond the break. Also, don't forget to check out our pals over at Joystiq for more coverage from this week's happenings. %Gallery-166241%

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