Sony responds to Red lawsuit with its own patent claims, seeks damages, injunction

If we've learned anything from the patent wars it's that lawsuits beget lawsuits, and Red and Sony's budding spat is no exception. In response to allegations that Sony's F5, F55 and F65 cameras violate a pair of Red camera patents, the Japanese manufacturer is filing a suit of its own. The company says that the Red One, Epic and Scarlet cameras infringe on seven Sony patents, and is seeking damages and a sales injunction on the offending products. Accessories like the REDMOTE are headed to the courtroom, too. Sony's demands aren't as specific as Red's, which originally sought to have its competitor's camera's destroyed -- but we're sure things will heat up when litigation starts. Take a peek at Sony's brief statement after the break.

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Sony Comments re Patent Suit Filed Against Red Digital Cinema

On April 5, 2013, Sony Corporation ("Sony") sued Red Digital Cinema ("Red") for infringing 7 of Sony's patents in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Sony believes that the Red ONE, EPIC and SCARLET cameras, various digital still and motion camera modules, and various accessories such as the REDMOTE infringe our patents. Sony is seeking both money damages and an injunction to stop the continued sale of Red's infringing products. Sony makes significant investments into the research & development of technology related to the cinema camera industry and intends to protect those investments against companies that infringe our patents.