Engadget HD Podcast 387 - 2.27.14

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Engadget HD Podcast 387 - 2.27.14

The HD news heap has reached a toppling point, so Ben and Richard get to work sifting through all the insanity from the past week. One of the major talking points is the streaming bottleneck of Netflix's content on various service providers. This prompts Ben to provide an overview of the labyrinthine inner workings of the internet, a tall task for anyone to attempt. In another bold move, Disney Movies Anywhere service launched recently with iTunes on board to help deliver some of its content. There's definitely some twists and turns, so head to the streaming links below for a bit of navigational assistance on this week's episode of the Engadget HD Podcast.

Hosts: Richard Lawler, Ben Drawbaugh

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

01:12:49 - Netflix ISP claims bottlenecks
01:43:23 - No, Netflix's deal with Comcast won't destroy the internet
01:55:28 - Netflix mocks Amazon Prime Air with hilarious 'Drone 2 Home' video
01:56:39 - Amazon 'pulls a Netflix,' revives cancelled BBC detective show
01:57:41 - Disney Movies Anywhere service launches with an unprecedented link to iTunes
01:04:28 - MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR team up on 120 Sports, a 24-hour streaming video channel
01:08:57 - TiVo's co-founders want you to use internet video for your own TV network
01:15:14 - Aereo strikes out in Utah, preliminary injunction shuts down local service
01:15:22 - Aereo wins a grace period from injunction, keeps Denver and Salt Lake City open
01:15:47 - Sony laser pico projector module beams out focus-free HD images
01:16:55 - Sony to shutter two-thirds of its US stores
01:18:32 - Plex's new Chromecast features let you watch more content, better than ever before
01:19:48 - Xbox One Media Remote arrives in early March for $25
01:22:32 - PlayStation 4 moves just shy of 350K units in first two days at Japanese retail
01:23:15 - Crowdfunded Veronica Mars movie will hit theaters and your living room simultaneously
01:25:14 - Mike Judge's upcoming HBO comedy 'Silicon Valley' gets its first trailer
01:26:20 - Must See HDTV for the week of February 25th: Oscars, Gravity and Game of Arms

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