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Engadget HD Podcast 385 - 2.12.14

Jon Turi, @jonturi
Olympic fever is gripping the nation, but Ben seems immune. Perhaps he hasn't discovered short track speed skating, a sport that Richard enjoys for its Michael Bay-like pace and frequent wipeouts. Comcast is even delivering its online coverage of the action in Sochi to its Xfinity TV subscribers, and the wintry sport is dominating prime time slots across the board, leaving Must See TV content a bit sparse. The one thing that is burgeoning, though, is the Xbox One's upcoming content projects. With Bonnaroo concert access from your couch and an exclusive Nas biography series in the works, things are looking up for Microsoft's new console. All this and more is packed into this week's edition of the Engadget HD Podcast, so settle in and head to the streaming links for a piece of the action.

Hosts: Richard Lawler, Ben Drawbaugh

Producer: Jon Turi

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