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Withings makes some devices compatible with Apple's Health app


A couple of weeks ago, Apple gave clearance to HealthKit applications with an update to iOS 8 -- one that, as you're likely aware of, ended up causing major problems for iPhone 6 users. But, since this issue has been resolved, more outfits have (finally) had the chance to make their software and hardware friendly with the platform's Health app. As of today, we can add Withings to the list, having just announced that some of its products, including the Health Mate app, can start integrating with Apple's HealthKit. This includes Whitings' Smart Body Analyzer, Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, the Aura sleep tracker and the fitness-tailored Pulse O2, which is great news if you own one of these as well as an iOS 8 device. We'll likely see more developers do the same soon, so don't worry if your preferred brand isn't on board yet.

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