Tesla Model S deliveries soared at the end of 2015

The electric car maker easily set an all-time delivery record.

If cautious trade magazines and long-term reliability reports spooked any would-be Tesla Model S buyers, you wouldn't know it from the delivery numbers. The automaker says that it delivered 17,192 units of the electric sedan in the fourth quarter of 2015, easily setting a delivery record -- that's 48 percent more than its previous best (the third quarter), and 75 percent more than what it managed last year. Tesla shipped a total of 50,580 EVs last year, which is behind its original goal (roughly 53,000) but better than some analysts expected.

Just don't expect to see many Model X SUVs cruising the streets right now. Not surprisingly, Tesla only made 507 units of the still-fresh vehicle this fall, and delivered 208 of them. The real test will come this year, once production (and presumably, demand) ramps up. It could be many months from now before it's clear whether the Model X is another hit or an also-ran.

[Image credit: Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg via Getty Images]