The sun sets on Xbox's 'Project Spark' game creation tool

Microsoft will turn off the servers this August.

Team Dakota/Microsoft Game Studios

Starting today, Project Spark, Microsoft's quirky game creation game, is no longer for sale. And come August 12th, the servers will be shut down, Thomas Gratz of developer Team Dakota writes. As a consolation, anyone who bought the retail version "starter kit" will get a credit to their Microsoft account. If you redeemed the code inside after October 5th of last year (when the game went free-to-play) and prior to today, you'll get a credit to use in the Xbox or Windows stores. Gratz says that the credits will be automatically applied for eligible customers.

There is some silver lining though. Gratz notes that no layoffs occurred as team members transitioned to other places within Microsoft after active development of the tool stopped last fall. Maintaining its behind the scenes aspects wasn't possible with a small group, though, hence the shut-down. Farewell, Project Spark, and thanks for giving Xbox One owners a chance at playing a version of P.T. on their console.