Blizzard will permaban 'Overwatch' cheaters

To all the nefarious folks out there: take caution.

Activision Blizzard

Overwatch's massively popular beta might be over, but the game's cadre of developers at Blizzard are already making plans of how to deal with cheaters ahead of launch: Banning them. Permanently. No three strikes rule. No cool down. Just an outright permaban. And that's awesome. Writing on the forums, community manager Lylirra says that if a player is using hacks, bots or anything that gives her or him and unfair advantage, the banhammer will strike swiftly. If you spot someone cheating come the game's May 24th release, send any and all information regarding such to

Blizzard is far from the first to make declarations such as this, but the company's decision is incredibly welcome news. For example, Valve is taking some big steps to prevent cheating on Steam, Capcom is working to ensure that Street Fighter V players stay on the up and up, and Ubisoft is trying to keep Tom Clancy's The Division a fair place to play as well.