Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade ends on July 29th

A license will set you back at least $119 after that date.

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REUTERS/Robert Galbraith
REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

If Microsoft's pushy upgrade notifications weren't enough to compel you to install Windows 10, then maybe a looming deadline is. Windows 10 will no longer be a free upgrade after July 29th, a year after the OS was released and shortly before its anniversary update rolls out. The company revealed the features coming out with the anniversary refresh during Build 2016, and they include advanced gestures, new Cortana commands and the merged version of the Windows/Xbox One app stores.

From the very start, Redmond intended to make the OS available as a free update for only a year. Unless the company execs change their mind, a Windows 10 Home license will set you back $119 after July 29th, so you may want to stop procrastinating and install it if you always meant to do so. In case you're still undecided, you can check out our review of the platform and read up on what other readers think about it.

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