After Math: Only the essentials

Of course that includes the matched luggage.

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After Math: Only the essentials
It was a pretty kick-ass week in terms of interplanetary exploration -- and not even just in NMS. Astronomers found a potentially habitable planet just 4.2 light years from us! This could be our first stop beyond Mars but it's going to take a while to get there, so we're going to have to travel light. That means bringing nothing but the most essential of supplies -- like scouter drones, custom-designed hazmat suits, efficient solar power generators and 8K televisions. Numbers, because how else are you going to calculate the interstellar rocket's payload fraction?

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  • $250,000 prize
  • 97 percent
  • 99.95 percent
  • 50 MPH
  • 500 x
  • 8K
  • $80
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After Math: Only the essentials