Deezer tracks now play in your Twitter timeline

The company has an uphill battle against Spotify and Apple.

As Deezer pushes hard for a subscriber base in America, it's teaming up with Twitter to ensure its music can be easily shared online. Similar to Spotify and SoundCloud, you can now tweet a track with an embedded player from inside the Deezer mobile app. Anyone that sees your tweet has the option to listen to a short snippet -- about 30 seconds -- or press the shortcut underneath to listen to the rest on Deezer's platform. The audio card integration is available in all countries where Deezer operates, including Canada and various parts of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Deezer has ferocious competition in Spotify and Apple Music. Both are pushing into video at the moment, as they try both to broaden their appeal and one-up each other with desirable exclusives. Deezer is a solid alternative, with a focus on podcasts and high-res streaming, but there are few reasons to switch across from its rivals. Google Play Music, which comes with YouTube Red in the US and Australia, is a far more intriguing perk. Spotify has its Discover Weekly and Release Radar personalized playlists. Soon, Amazon will have a $5 music service for Echo owners, if rumors are to be believed. To put it mildly, Deezer has its work cut out.