Twitter's Audio Cards bring more music to your social feed

By now, you've likely noticed that Twitter slapping new Cards in your timeline on a regular basis. Well, now you're about to get more sound. The company announced today that the Audio Card is on its way to iOS and Android devices, and it'll allow you to listen right from the social feed. Not wanting to hold up your browsing, the content will continue to play while you scroll through the rest of that collection of tweets. What's more, the offering is getting a hand from streaming services, but for now, the first one to opt in is SoundCloud. While that may see like an odd match, rumors circulated a few months back that Twitter was looking to snatch up that audio service, and SoundCloud continues to add new features that make it much more of a listening option than one for producers. You can expect podcasts and more to get cozy in your timeline from the likes of NASA, NPR, Pitchfork and many more. Audio Cards are still in the testing phase, but they're said to be rolling out for more "partners and creators" to use soon.