The Engadget Podcast, Ep 7: Firestarter

The Engadget Podcast, Ep 7: Firestarter

How will Samsung move past the Note 7 debacle?

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Managing editor Dana Wollman, senior editor Nathan Ingraham and reviews editor Cherlynn Low join guest host Devindra Hardawar to discuss Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall, Uber's self-driving cars and why the heck Google is making another messaging app.

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Chris Velazco 3 1 .750
Christopher Trout 2 1 .666
Dana Wollman 2 1 .666
Devindra Hardawar 6 4 .600
Cherlynn Low 6 7 .461
Nathan Ingraham 4 6 .4
Michael Gorman 1 2 .333

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