Pinterest helps you keep tracks of things you've tried

The new "tried it" button will go live on Android and iOS this week.

You probably typically pin recipes and ideas you want to try or things you want to buy on Pinterest. Its new button, however, was designed to keep track of the things you've already bought or tested out. Now, when you want to share your feedback about a recipe or a DIY idea you found online, you can tap the new checkmark button on Pinterest's menu to signify that you've already tried it. The app will then ask you how it went, and you can tap on either "Loved it" or "Not for me" and leave a note or tip for other users.

As TechCrunch noted, the new feature could lead to a collection of product reviews, which could benefit Pinterest's Buyable Pins. These pins allow you to purchase products from within the website/app itself, turning Pinterest into a quasi-shopping portal instead of just a mood board. The company told TC that the new buttons will go live for the iOS and Android apps sometime this week and for the web in the coming weeks.