The Mercedes-Maybach S650's top feature is exclusivity

Just 75 of the 300-run are coming to the US.

It's nothing new for Mercedes to make a luxury car, but its new Maybach S650 cabriolet takes things up a notch (or three). Only 300 are being made, each individually numbered, and only 75 of those are headed to the US. With a pricetag likely in the region of $300,000 this isn't the most expensive vehicle you can buy, but the German car maker is adding in enough design spice and under-the-hood goodies to make it one of the most desirable. At least for those that don't flinch at the price.

If you do happen to have the resources, and are in the market for something to rival your buddies' Rolls-Royce Dawn, or maybe a Bentley Continental, then the hardest decision will likely be which of the three color ways to choose (Zircon Red, Cote d'Azur Blue and Diamond White). Whichever hue you go for, you'll be getting a 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12 under the hood.

As you can imagine, the paint and motor-muscle come with a slew of extravagant design touches, which include Swarovski crystal in the headlights (also found in the S-Class S65, upon which this is based), and bespoke custom leather luggage to match your interior. As for tech? There's the same dual-display setup as found in the aforementioned S-Class, along with the Burmester sound system to get you started. Of course, you can expect the lucky 300 buyers will also get access to Mercedes' mbrace connected Concierge platform.

The Maybach line is all about luxury though, and that's basically what the S650 is, a yacht for the road. And we kinda mean literally, as its cabin is inspired by the Mercedes-designed Silver Arrow. The S650 is the Mercedes-Benz for people that want to out-luxury other Mercedes-Benz owners, a market the car-maker appears more than happy to cater to. We're sure there's at least 300 of them.