Erik Sagen
Erik Sagen

The Engadget Podcast Ep 15: Everything But the Truth

Surface Studio, video game vaginas and fake news.

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Senior editor Devindra Hardawar and reviews editor Cherlynn Low join host Terrence O'Brien to dig through the week's biggest news. First they'll talk about two of the biggest new products on the market: the Macbook Pro and the Surface Studio. Then they'll try to figure out what posses a Ubisoft employee to hide a rather graphic image of a vagina in Watch Dogs 2. Lastly the panel will talk about the growing problem of fake news on the internet and what giants like Facebook can do to combat it.



Winning %

Christopher Trout 5 1 .833
Mona Lalwani 3 1 .750
Dana Wollman 10 6 .625
Devindra Hardawar 12 10 .545
Chris Velazco 3 3 .500
Cherlynn Low 7 9 .437
Nathan Ingraham 4 6 .400
Michael Gorman 1 5 .167

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