Yahoo Answers Now is a standalone app for iOS

So you can read people's questions and answers wherever you are.

Yahoo Answers has been the butt of many jokes for a long time now. But if you enjoy browsing through all the amusing questions people submit and tend to reply to some yourself, you'll love the latest update out of the company's HQ: Yahoo Answers now has a standalone iOS app. According to TechCrunch, it was previously known as Yahoo Hive, which has been lying low on the App Store since the summer. Its launch is likely an attempt to challenge newer, shinier Answer rivals like Quora. It's also the latest in the list of mobile apps Yahoo released this year.

Yahoo launched quite a few standalone applications these past few months, including the Newsroom, a travel search engine called Radar and a dedicated Esports app for Android. This one is only available for iOS devices, though, so you'll have to stick to Answers' website if you're using another platform. Marissa Mayer was hoping that Yahoo's mobile efforts could help solve its many problems. Since that didn't quite work out, Verizon is now buying up the company for $4.38 billion. That said, Yahoo's woes still aren't over: the carrier is reportedly seeking a $1 billion discount after it came to light that Yahoo suffered a huge email breach that affected 500 million users.