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The Morning After: Thursday, March 9th 2017

Car, quadcopter or both?

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Never Say No to Panda - Arab Dairy
Never Say No to Panda - Arab Dairy

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

After a week, the Nintendo Switch has made an impression on our editors, but is it a good one? It's also time for a big PS4 update, and there's a concept flying car that's so ridiculous it might just work.

It's a group thingThe Nintendo Switch: One week in

You've heard our impressions of the Switch after 48 hours, with time for a full review, and now Engadget editors sound off on their first week experiences. Mat Smith is happy with one good game as long as that game is Zelda, Kris Naudus has more questions than answers and Tim Seppala is enjoying its social aspects.

Sasuke's comingThe PS4 update with Boost Mode and external storage support arrives today

PlayStation 4 owners are getting several long-awaited features in the new 4.50 update that launched earlier today. Dubbed "Sasuke," its biggest feature is support for external hard drives, making PS4 the only current gen console where you can easily choose between swapping out the internal unit or plugging an extra drive via USB. It also adds 3D Blu-ray support in the PS VR headset, and for PS4 Pro owners, Boost Mode brings framerate and load time enhancements for otherwise unoptimized games.

It can't get smaller than thisIBM built an atomic storage device

You're probably impressed by your 32GB USB stick, but IBM's latest storage advancement blows that away. Researchers have managed to store a bit of information on a single holmium atom. Traditional hard drive tech needs 100,000 atoms to store a single bit of information.

But you can't get a text backTinder Select caters to the beautiful and/or wealthy elite

You might have a Tinder account, but are you on Tinder Select? TechCrunch cited an anonymous source revealing this invite-only upper room of the dating app for "celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder."

Why not both?Airbus' 'Pop.Up' concept turns a car into a quadcopter

The problem with any "flying car" is that usually you only need one part or the other. This Airbus concept vehicle solves that problem with a modular design that can swap its passenger capsule to match with four wheels or four rotors. It's also fully autonomous, so just tell the Pop.Up where you're going, and it will select the appropriate accessory.

SPACE TRUCKING'No Man's Sky' update adds a lot more than just ground vehicles

After a disappointing launch, Hello Games has produced a big feature update for No Man's Sky. The Pathfinder Update brings sweet planet-exploring buggies, new ships, a Permadeath mode and the ability to share your custom-created bases online. If you have a PS4 Pro, it's even ready for 4K and HDR -- if you'll give the game another chance.

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