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The Morning After: Friday, March 10th 2017

'Gran Turismo Sport,' visit ISS in VR and a Google Pixel mic check

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The IT Crowd
The IT Crowd

Congratulations, you made it.

The week is almost over, but first find out what the new head of the EPA said, the latest info on Gran Turismo Sport and catch up with the real-life person behind Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy. Then this weekend, keep an eye out for our updates from SXSW.

Still cheaper than a trip to spaceOculus launches 'Mission: ISS' VR experience

Since most of us won't make a trip to the Space Station, a virtual reality version will have to do. Mission: ISS is now available on the Oculus Rift, complete with support for the Touch motion controllers. You can dock spacecraft, go outside the space station or perform mission tasks, thanks to the work of a Hollywood effects studio that built everything based on NASA models.

This is fine.Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming

He's the new head of the EPA.

Wasn't this supposed to come out last year?Sign up now for the 'Gran Turismo Sport' beta

Unlike more prolific racing series, Gran Turismo usually only makes a couple of appearances each console generation. Fans can get an early start on the next installment by signing up for a "closed beta" that developer Polyphony Digital says will start March 17th. Expect a rotating selection of tracks and cars each day, plus a sample of the new Driver Profile system for online racing.

Can you hear me n--Some Google Pixel phones are having microphone issues

Friends having trouble hearing you calling from a Pixel? Google has confirmed some users are experiencing mic failures due to hardware issues like cracked solder connections. If it's happening, a software update won't be able to fix things, so check with Google or whoever you purchased the phone from to get a replacement (newer devices have been reinforced.)

Noticing a theme here?NASA's new budget leaves out Earth-based research

Congress has passed a bill authorizing NASA's new budget, laying out plans for projects like the SLS and Orion missions. It has not yet been signed by the president, but as is, projects like the Asteroid Redirect Mission and climate change research are in doubt.

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