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The Morning After: Tuesday, May 9th 2017

'Blade Runner 2049' and 'Echo Show' rumors.

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'Blade Runner' (1982)
'Blade Runner' (1982)

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

This morning we're expecting big news from Amazon, and we have a finally have a trailer for the new Blade Runner movie. Oh, and there's a spray that can put touch controls on anything.

Stay tuned.Amazon's touchscreen 'Echo Show' could be revealed today

If these leaks are correct, we know the name of Amazon's "touchscreen Echo," its price and possibly even the release date. The Wall Street Journal reports the company will announce its new device this week, with built-in intercom/video calling features. Separately, a leaked flyer on AFTVnews called the device the Echo Show, saying it will be revealed today with a $230 price tag and shipments starting June 28th.

This is becoming a habit.John Oliver made another net neutrality plea, and the FCC's website crashed again

Since the FCC seems poised to roll back protections on net neutrality, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver got on his soapbox again. His website GoFCCYourself gave viewers a way to easily submit comments instead of using the commission's convoluted process, right up until the FCC page collapsed. In a statement, the FCC blamed a DDoS attack for tying up its servers.

A pricey 5cSenator confirms FBI paid $900k to unlock San Bernardino iPhone

Remember early last year when Apple was embroiled in a battle with the FBI over privacy -- specifically whether it could (or would) crack an iPhone 5C following the San Bernardino terrorist attack? While questioning FBI director James Comey, Senator Diane Feinstein revealed that the agency spent $900,000 to "hack it open."

Atari?'Blade Runner 2049' trailer teases the replicant dilemma

Blade Runner 2049's first real trailer has more than vanity footage of Rick Deckard's return. It leans heavily on nostalgia and some amazing visuals while setting us up for the film's debut October 6th.

And for photos.Qualcomm's new mid-tier mobile chips are good news for gaming

With the Snapdragon 660 and 630, Qualcomm is setting us up to expect more powerful mid-range phones later this year. High-end features like 4K video processing, dual rear cameras, speedy LTE and WiFi downloads and AI processing are all onboard. Plus, there's an upgraded GPU to push polygons faster than mid-range buyers are accustomed to experiencing.

Iconic.Apple wants to sell iPhones out of Washington D.C.'s Carnegie Library

Apple would turn most of the Library into one of its shining beacons of modernity while (hopefully) respecting its 114-year legacy.

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