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The Morning After: Weekend Edition


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'Master of None' - Netflix
'Master of None' - Netflix

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. We're looking back at all the big Google I/O news, as well as an easy way to fix WannaCry.

It was a long week.Google I/O 2017

Android in cars, laptops, VR and, oh yeah -- on phones too. AI-powered everything and Google Assistant everywhere. That about covers what we saw at I/O, but if you missed anything, just dive into our posts from this week -- starting with the opening keynote live blog.

Fly freeYou don't have to register personal drones with the FAA anymore

A Washington DC court has struck down regulations that required hobbyist drone owners to register their equipment with the government. Surprisingly, the drone industry is for "reasonable" registration, and it's possible that Congress may step in to establish the FAA's authority here firmly.

Keep this link handyThere's an easy fix for WannaCry if you haven't rebooted yet

After a week, the rate of WannaCry ransomware infections has mostly ebbed, but if you do get hit there may be an easy fix. Security researchers created a program called wanakiwi that can find the encryption keys and restore your files for free, but it will only work if the affected device hasn't been restarted yet.

The fight against 'right to repair'Tech companies are trying to crush mom-and-pop repair shops

But back in January, five states introduced "right to repair" bills that would force Apple and other device manufacturers to give the public access to proper instructions and components. Unfortunately, tech giants are lobbying to kill those bills before they're passed.

Did you see these?iPhone 8 renders point to glass back and wireless charging

Earlier this week we received renders that may represent the look of the iPhone 8. According to our source, we'll see a device with a vertically-oriented rear camera setup, plus a dual front camera and a home button that's integrated with the screen.

Can't hide that pen.New 'Surface Pro' pictures leak out

While Microsoft has said, "there's no such thing as a Surface Pro 5." @evleaks has a picture of an as-yet unannounced device that will simply go by the name "Surface Pro."

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