Revamped Twitch app streams live from your phone

It's part of a large revamp that adds previously web-only features.

As useful as the Twitch mobile app can be, it still falls short of what you're used to on the desktop, especially if you're a broadcaster. Would you believe that you have to switch apps just to stream live? Thankfully, it's shrinking that gap today. It's starting to roll out a Twitch app overhaul that adds some of the features you take for granted while refining the interface. For creators, the biggest deal is simply direct mobile streaming -- you can livestream to your channel without any go-between software. While phone-based broadcasting was certainly possible before, this could easily lead to more IRL streams from your favorite streamers.

Of course, there are plenty of updates for those content to sit back and watch. The Pulse discovery feed and the notification center finally made it to mobile, for starters. The interface should also make it easier to find those features, including navigation bars that promise easier access to mainstay features as well as swipe-based controls for picking videos or going back to a previous stream. You'll also see a dark mode for those nighttime viewing sessions, and instant playlists that you can access just by swiping down.

You might not see all these features right away, as Twitch doesn't expect everyone to get the new app until early July. When it arrives, though, it could shake up your expectations for Twitch. You'll have more reason to watch on your phone instead of waiting until you get home, but it'll also help Twitch in its quest to expand beyond game streams. It's also good news for broadcasters who'd rather not be chained to their computers -- they can go on a PC-free vacation without losing touch.