LinkedIn's incessant connection requests are coming to Windows 10

The social network you never check is getting its own desktop app.

If you're running Windows 10, your job search may have gotten a bit easier. Microsoft has announced that with the new LinkedIn app for its desktop OS, you'll be able to access the full business-minded social network experience from the Start menu and task bar along with all those ads. You can even make it a Live tile if you'd like. So yep, all the people you've never met before who want you to join their professional network will invade your serene desktop experience if you install this.

LinkedIn says that you'll have full control over the types of notifications you'll get on desktop, so maybe it won't be as bad as we're imagining. Not seeing it in the Windows Store? You might have to be patient. Microsoft says that its $26.2 billion baby's app will roll out to everyone by the end of the month.