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Plex for Android Auto simplifies server-based music streaming

For all the baby drivers out there.

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In-car entertainment will have to step up to accommodate our automated driving future. With an AI at the wheel, we'll be free to watch movies, play games, and conduct video calls. It's easy to imagine an all-round media player, like Plex, fitting into that scenario. For now, it's making its way into regular cars, courtesy of Android Auto. Google's in-car operating system is currently available in newer vehicles, head units, and as a mobile app. And, the next time you reach for its interface, you'll have the option to stream your Plex music library. Okay, so that's not the same as watching a 4K HDR flick, but it will have to suffice while your eyes are still needed on the road.

But, what if you already use the the Spotify app for Android Auto? Well, Plex is all about personalization. If you've somehow managed to amass a music library in the streaming era, and meticulously curated it into playlists, then this is a fine way to get it into your car. Plex supports virtually any file format (from AAC to FLAC), plus you'll have access to playlists (including "recently played," and "recently added"), and voice controls. With the latter, you can just bark 'play Humble by Kendrick Lamar on Plex' to get things started. You can even say self-explanatory things like 'next song,' 'pause' or 'resume music,' 'play some music,' or 'play rock music.'

And, there's the little extras that complete the experience, like the album artwork getting draped across the head unit and app interface. Plex for Android Auto will be available in supported vehicles and aftermarket stereos (and on the Android Auto app) over the coming days.

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