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LG V30 owners in Korea can preview Android Oreo

The latest OS is available to owners of the flagship a month in advance of the official update.
Chris Velazco/Engadget

LG's phones may be bothersome for its bottom line, but they boast a sizeable advantage for users: Quick access to Android updates. And it looks like the trend is set to continue with the company's latest beaut, the V30. LG is currently letting owners of its flagship in South Korea try out Android Oreo, ahead of the official update. Users can apply via the firm's Quick Help app, and will then receive a software update alert within the month. LG claims it will also take onboard customer feedback for its official Oreo rollout in December.

The electronics giant did the same thing last year by giving 2,000 G5 users an early taste of Nougat, but this time there's no limit on sign-ups. LG's close bond with Google -- it built the Pixel 2 XL and the bulk of Nexus phones -- could be behind its Android upgrade perks. How that relationship will be affected by Google's recent acquisition of HTC's R&D department remains to be seen.

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