Samsung's latest C-Lab projects include private portable speakers

There are also visual aid glasses and a tool for lung damage recovery.

Samsung is making a tradition out of unveiling C-Lab projects at major trade shows, and CES 2018 is no exception. The tech giant is introducing a trio of experiments, starting with its unique S-Ray speaker (above). The makes directional audio portable -- you can listen to your tunes anywhere you go without the potential discomfort of headphones or subjecting everyone to your musical tastes. Samsung is teasing multiple models, including a smartphone cover and a neck-worn speaker that comes across as a less intrusive version of LG's Tone Studio.

The other two projects are health-oriented. The Relumino smart glasses turn Samsung's earlier Gear VR visual aid into dedicated eyewear. Pair the glasses with a smartphone and they'll translate video from a built-in camera into easier-to-see pictures on their display. They can filter or invert colors, increase clarity and eliminate blind spots without requiring bulky headgear. Samsung hopes this could let those with poor eyesight venture outside or read in greater comfort.

GoBreath, meanwhile, serves as a recovery option for those suffering from either lung damage or complications from anesthesia. The combo of a breathing device and a mobile app helps teach deep breathing techniques that would otherwise be difficult, and helps you track your progress. Doctors also have access to results through the cloud, so they can tell whether or not you're rehabilitating at a solid pace.

As with all C-Lab projects, there's no guarantee that these will become shipping products. However, all three have very clear benefits -- we wouldn't be shocked if at least one of them goes on sale in the future.

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