The latest macOS update brings support for external GPUs

In case you need a boost for VR or 3D gaming.

With the latest release of macOS High Sierra, Apple has officially delivered on a couple of items in the works since WWDC 2017 last June. macOS 10.13.4 brings the external GPU (eGPU) support that lets developers, VR users gamers and anyone else in need of some extra oomph to plug in a more powerful graphics card via Thunderbolt 3. While that may not make every underpowered laptop VR ready, it certainly makes staying macOS-only more palatable for some power users.

Another notable addition is Business Chat in Messages for users in the US. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and others have tweaked their services to enable customer service linkups and now Apple has its version available on the desktop. With it, you can interact with business representatives or even make purchases. Other tweaks include waiting for the user to select login fields before autofilling password information in Safari, a smoke cloud wallpaper that had previously been restricted to the iMac Pro and a Safari shortcut for jumping to the rightmost tab by pressing Command-9.

Whether you're on Mac or Windows, there's also a new version of iTunes available to go with the just-released iOS update. iTunes 12.7.4 brings the same new Music Video section seen in Apple Music to the desktop, just in case you didn't feel like clicking over to YouTube (or, more likely, Apple has snagged an interesting exclusive).