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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

After E3, and ahead of HoloLens 2.

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Jay Rock - 'Win'
Jay Rock - 'Win'

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. E3 has ended, and now is the perfect time to go back through all of our highlights from the last week to make sure you didn't miss anything. Also, we have an interesting new rumor about Microsoft's HoloLens 2 headset.

Let the speculation begin.Microsoft's HoloLens 2 will use Qualcomm's new XR1 VR chip

We've been waiting for the second edition of Microsoft's augmented reality headset, and now sources have told Engadget that it should be ready to launch early next year. While that lines up with earlier rumors, we also hear that inside it will feature Qualcomm's recently-unveiled VR chip, the XR1, instead of custom-designed hardware. The XR1 is built to deliver both VR and AR, with 3D overlays, directional audio and even AI acceleration. If everything holds up, an official announcement could come near (or during) CES 2019.

The sci-fi gaming drama starts streaming on June 29th.Netflix's 'Kiss Me First' series dives into a dark VR world

VR cautionary tale Kiss Me First finally has a release date and an official trailer. From the creators of UK television series Skins, Kiss Me First revolves around a lonely woman who connects with a "party girl" and discovers a virtual world full of excitement... and murder

It's easy.How to watch the World Cup 2018

If you're trying to tune into the action from Russia this weekend via streaming or cable TV, we have all the information you'll need in one convenient place.

The sequel is headed to PCs and consoles later this year.A chat with 'Super Meat Boy Forever' creator Tommy Refenes

Eight years after the smash-hit success of Super Meat Boy, developer Tommy Refenes is preparing the game's follow-up: Super Meat Boy Forever. Initially announced in 2014, this new endless runner brings a world full of quasi-procedurally generated levels. Check out our interview and find out what Refenes has been up to since Indie Game: The Movie ended.

Fans got their wish.'Lucifer' will get a fourth season on Netflix

Lucifer used to air on Fox before it was cancelled last month, but after a long #SaveLucifer campaign on social media the show will go on -- thanks to Netflix.

The company said it still has more employees than it did when the year startedTesla lays off nine percent of its workforce

In a company email he shared on Twitter, CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla's aggressive growth resulted in duplicated roles, so these layoffs will help the company reduce costs and become profitable. Musk wrote: "These cuts were almost entirely made from our salaried population and no production associates were included, so this will not affect our ability to reach Model 3 production targets in the coming months."

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