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The Morning After: An 8K TV, a throne and what is meat, really?

The questions.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

The IFA 2018 momentum continues to build, and we've already seen some slick new devices, like laptops with even less bezel than Dell's XPS and Samsung's new 8K TV. Still, there's news happening outside Berlin, as Missouri answers the question of "what is meat?" and Mr. Robot is coming to an end.

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What's next, "and chill"?Netflix backs away from 'binge watching'

In an interview on Empire Film Podcast, Guy Pearce said that Netflix banned him from using the term while promoting his new series The Innocents. Plus, a quick Twitter search shows the brand's reduced use of the term over the last year or so.

Look out, XPS.ASUS' new ZenBooks have the bezels 2018 demands

For IFA this year, ASUS has updated its original ZenBook line with not only Intel's new Whiskey Lake U-series processors but also a new four-sided near-frameless design with up to 95 percent screen-to-body ratio. It claims the 13-inch model is the world's most compact laptop at that size, besting even Dell's XPS 13. Better yet, ASUS has built backlit NumberPad into the trackpad and even squeezed the webcam in above the screen to avoid annoying nostril shots on conference calls.

It all wraps up in 2019.'Mr. Robot' will end with its fourth season

Series creator Sam Esmail told The Hollywood Reporter that despite considering a fifth season (and moving the writing staff to New York), he decided to conclude the show with the next one. Accordingly, the fourth season has reportedly been expanded from eight to twelve episodes.

Real subtle name there.Acer's Predator Thronos is a cockpit masquerading as gaming chair

We mentioned Acer's Thronos gaming chair in yesterday's email, but now that we've gone butt-on you can check out our video of the experience. At its core, the Thronos is really just a fancy recliner with vibration and a huge monitor mount ready for up to three 27-inch screens. There's no word on a price, but Acer says it will debut by the end of this year.

Get ready for the real Super Hi-Vision.Samsung unveils an 8K QLED TV you'll actually be able to buy

This Q900R unveiled at IFA loses the easel-like design of the CES concept for a more traditional stand but it packs in many of the same features, including a real 8K resolution and AI-powered upscaling. It will come in four sizes: 65-, 75-, 82- and 85-inches, when it goes on sale somewhere at the end of September. As far as a price, we don't know, but if you have to ask...

Expect to see it in about two weeks.Google's Wear OS no longer feels like Android on a smartwatch

With the third major release of its wearable platform (and the first since rebranding to Wear OS), Google finally shows an understanding that what people want from a smartwatch is not a phone replacement. Dennis Troper, director of product for Wear OS, told Engadget that his team focused on three key areas when redesigning the platform: helping people remain connected, providing proactive help from Google Assistant and enabling people to lead healthier lives.

Notification cards are smaller, the redesigned Google Fit is easier to access and this new software should roll out to just about every smartwatch that already runs Wear OS 2.0

$8 per month or $75 per year.DC Universe is going live on September 15th

The comic book giant opened limited access to a beta version of its digital service in August with the promise of a wider release this fall -- now you only have to wait a couple more weeks before it opens its doors to everyone on September 15th. To see the new Titans series, you'll have to wait until October 12th, but it will launch with access to comics including the first appearances of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman plus the first two seasons of Young Justice.

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