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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hands-on (and inside) the new MacBook Pro.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend! Before looking back at some highlights from the last few days, we'll go hands-on with Apple's new MacBook Pro and investigate the typo that might have taken down an alien.

Quieter keyboard, 'Hey Siri' and True Tone.MacBook Pro 2018 hands-on

We'll post a full review next week (and, ya know, spend the weekend indoors putting this thing through its paces). For now, here's a first look at some of the more noticeable differences.

But first...iFixit finds a 'cover-up' inside new MacBook Pro keyboards

Apple said this third-generation keyboard had changed to make it quieter. Early results from iFixit suggest its changes may also help the "butterfly switch" keys block out dust and dirt.

Oops?Did a single typo screw up the AI in 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'?

The 2013 release of Aliens: Colonial Marines went so poorly that it not only received a 1-star review, but gamers even filed lawsuits over feeling misled. Now, we're finding out that late last year a modder discovered a simple misspelling that could be responsible for ruining the alien xenomorph's AI.

Get ready for a hybrid F-Series truck.Ford is saying goodbye to cars and hello to batteries

Ford made waves recently when it announced it would stop producing cars (except for the iconic Mustang) -- in favor of SUVs, trucks and other large vehicles -- for the United States. But there's another big change going on at Ford: the move to electrification.

"With (Ford CEO Jim) Hackett, we're all in. We're going to be bigger and we want to change the process," said Ted Cannis, Ford's global director of battery electric vehicles. The automaker is adjusting to a rapidly changing automotive world and that means dropping vehicles that no longer sell (cars) and making sure that its lineup is electrified.

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