IKEA offers a peek at its Sonos-based speaker

The SYMFONISK looks right at home next to Swedish furniture.

IKEA isn't officially unveiling its first Sonos-powered speaker until April, but that isn't stopping the furniture store from offering a look in the meantime. As you can see here, the SYMFONISK looks like... well, a Sonos speaker with IKEA design cues. Its boxy, fabric-covered style appears to be a fitting complement to your plywood tables and cabinets. The company even suggests that it could serve as a wall-mounted shelf (below), although that would make it an awfully expensive part of your decor.

There are still many unknowns, such as the audio quality and price, although their compatibility with IKEA's other smart home devices suggests they might not be entry-level. You might only have to wait until April 9th to find out. Just remember that SYMFONISK isn't due to ship until August -- it's going to be a while before you can judge them for yourself.

IKEA's Sonos-based SYMFONISK speaker