'Child's Play' trailer shows Chucky controlling smart homes and drones

Good luck trying to get some sleep tonight.

·1 min read

A reboot of the Child's Play franchise will hit theaters this summer and while we already had a good idea killer toy Chucky would be more of a robot with AI capabilities this time around, the latest trailer provides further confirmation he'll be able to control smart homes. Terrifying.

Among the items Chucky, or Buddi as the doll is known here, can take charge of is a drone -- let's hope it's nothing like the kamikaze or shotgun-wielding ones developed in Russia. It looks like he'll be able to tap into connected cars and thermostats too, along with perhaps a lawnmower (definitely would not want to be the guy tied up in the path of that machine).

On the flip side, people who have a Buddi app can see what Chucky is looking at, which might be good for a jump scare or two.

Both trailers so far show a lot of promise. With some talented folks involved (including Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation and Legion fame, along with Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky), this is shaping up to be a solid new starting point for the series -- even if it does tap into our worst-case-scenario fears over our connected products. We'll find out just what kind of tech-focused carnage Chucky has up his sleeves when Child's Play arrives on June 21st.